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When SOA Fails, Just SCA

There’s a lot of points that will be made in this blog entry.  To keep them straight, I will highlight them right up front: Vendors are getting behind SCA because it reinforces a need for tools The importance of architects in software development Untested technologies are being pushed on IT like bad drugs from the… Read More »

Then What Does Make Someone an Architect?

So, allow me to expand on my prior blog entry — Architecture Frameworks Don’t Make Architects — and answer the question, what does make an architect? To help structure my query, I went in search of a concrete specification that defines the difference between and engineer and an architect and found this STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS… Read More »

Architecture is a Craft

Yesterday, I read Fowler’s “Who Needs an Architect” , which is an odd piece that never really answer the question to my liking, but it did get me thinking. For me, being an IT architect is a full time job that has many facets. One facet is designing systems and applications; this facet is primarily… Read More »

Contrarian or Realist?

On the last podcast with Dana Gardner, which will be released shortly, Dana commented on my oft contrarian views on information technology. At the time, I took it as a compliment, but it definitely gave me something to consider about myself — am I a real contrarian for contrarian-sake or am I just an experienced… Read More »