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SaaS Represents the Commoditization of Business Function

North Bridge in partnership with GigaOm Research released their 2014 Future of Cloud Computing – 4th Annual Survey Results. As you examine the 124 slides, one thing is obvious that the greatest growth in cloud computing is coming from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Market research like this is very important because it provides tangible proof for our… Read More »

Blogging Is My Civic Duty

Why do I blog? For me it’s a civic duty. I have an ability to identify the real value of IT investments and directions to business. There’s a lot of noise out there coming from sources with their own agendas, both internal and external to an organization, that makes it difficult to fully understand the… Read More »

IT Business Edge’s Loraine Lawson Interviews Me On SOA & EA

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with Loraine Lawson (@lowrain) who covers integration technology for IT Business Edge.  There were two different aspects to the interview, one focused on my blog entry “Perhaps SOA is More Strategy Than Architecture” and the other my beliefs on Enterprise Architecture and why I still believe… Read More »

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

1105 Government Information Group Enterprise Architecture Conference – 9/10/2009 Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC AFEI Cloud Computing Executive Seminar 2009 – 9/17/2009 Sheraton Premiere, Tyson’s Corner, Virginia ZapForum DC: SOA & EA Networking Event, 10/1/09 SYS-CON GovIT Expo, 10/6/09, Washington, DC

Sun Was Too Arrogant To Survive

Sure, now that the deed is done and the board has approved the acquisition, there’s lots of Monday morning quarterbacks.  However, in this case, I’m not one of them.  Indeed, I point to the release of my 9/1997 report that I wrote for NC.Focus entitled “State of Java Report: IBM” and the subsequent press release… Read More »