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Architecture: 1000 ways to skin the cat, either way, the cat’s till dead

Thanks to @jadkins for the colorful ending to that cliched saying, which really got me thinking. Sometimes we just make certain aspects of architecture too difficult for no reason. Good design is important and can have significant financial impact if done incorrectly, but chances are the negative impact comes into play during the engineering effort,… Read More »

When SOA Fails, Just SCA

There’s a lot of points that will be made in this blog entry.  To keep them straight, I will highlight them right up front: Vendors are getting behind SCA because it reinforces a need for tools The importance of architects in software development Untested technologies are being pushed on IT like bad drugs from the… Read More »

What’s New Is Really What’s Old

I’m working on a project with a fairly young engineer (let’s just say I have 12 years on him). He’s so enthusiastic about Spring and Hibernate, and so bought into concepts, such as Inversion of Control and declarative programming. It makes me laugh a bit how guys like him act like this stuff is all… Read More »