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Without A Strong PaaS, ITaaS, DevOps & IaaS Fall Short

To lower IT operational costs and/or to become more agile, the business must simplify the processes to deliver and manage infrastructure and the applications running on that infrastructure. Focusing on one without the other is simply applying yet another band-aid to an already hampered environment. Delivering IT as a service requires transformative efforts across all… Read More »

The Key to Private Cloud Is Removing IT Stratification

One of the leading problems plaguing IT organizations is the high costs of operations and maintenance.  The industry average is roughly 70% with some organizations going as high as 90%. Picking apart these costs one often finds a stratified organization focused on narrow bands of computing with little crossover between the bands. Moreover, the weighting… Read More »

Defining DevOps

Recently a member of the LinkedIn DevOps group started a discussion entitled, “Concise description of DevOps?” This member’s post focused on clarifying DevOps as a role mainly for the purposes of simplifying his recruiting efforts. The member pointed out that recruiters and vendors are starting to overload the term in an attempt to attract a… Read More »